About the Strength Counseling Approach

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I offer mental health counseling with what I call a "life-coaching" approach. I also offer life coaching with an understanding of psychology and motivation.

...So... What does that mean?


Many of us have heard of life coaching, and for many, it is an ideal solution for faster, positive changes. For others, counseling provides the depth and support for long-lasting healing. 


 Coaching is focused on 

  • Confidence

  • Empowerment

  • Goal-Achieving


 Counseling is focused on:

  • Healing

  • Learning

  • Overcoming

Unfortunately, there are many uncertified life coaches out there. Often, these are well-meaning individuals who may be very good at coaching, but perhaps become overwhelmed when clients bring topics of past trauma or the deeper work of becoming fully emotionally healthy.


One solution is therapy from a licensed mental health professional that includes life coaching. 

Let’s talk about what mental health therapy means first.

Licensed professional counselors (that’s the “LPC/MHSP” you see by my name there) must complete 60 course hours of graduate school, including in-depth classes on human thinking, family systems, addiction treatment, trauma, development, and ethics. After that, the new graduate must go work in a community health care setting for at least three years or 3000 hours, and complete several exams, a background check, and be approved by several local professionals. 

In my case, I specialized in working with women and child survivors of highly traumatic incidents in collaboration with a local non-profit and law professionals. As you can imagine, this was an amazing training ground for understanding trauma and how it impacts our lives. Since 2008, I’ve been practicing evidence-based treatment methods to help survivors of all types of trauma overcome and succeed.

Mental health counseling usually involves digging deeper, and finding comfortable, non-threatening ways to relive some of the discomfort that past trauma or loss can cause. Sometimes, mental health counseling can involve finding the cause behind behaviors, or learning to cope with certain diagnoses like depression or bipolar disorder.

Coaching, on the other hand,

​is more immediately solution-focused. When life feels overwhelming, or if you feel “stuck,” coaching may help you get out of the rut. Just like exercise coaching, you will most definitely see results if you keep coming back and working your plan. A coach will cheer you on, help you perfect your form, and help you determine what you really want in your own life.

That is why I combine a coaching approach with counseling. When life feels chaotic, you need some immediate coping skills and solutions right away. And then, by healing the deeper stuff, you are able to truly move forward.

It truly helps to have an outside person to talk with, even when things are going well. Counseling and coaching can help each person get past setbacks, reach goals, or simply decide which way to go next in life. 

Making that first call can feel intimidating at first, but with the right support, there is no telling what you can achieve.


Like many counselors, I’ve developed my own counseling style.


I work with each client as a collaborator.


I give each person the safe space to share his or her story without any judgment.


And I work to help each person find the best solution— solutions that actually fit into our busy lives.


I encourage each client to give me honest feedback, because my job is to help YOU feel more in-control of your life.

I don’t think that human beings need to be “fixed.” I think that many of us just need the resources, the skills, and the information that will help us reach our goals.


It is all about progress, not perfection. 


I think that mental health diagnoses are helpful, but I don’t think that human beings are defined by a diagnosis. Each individual is rich in history, and my hope is that each person can find strength and resilience within. 


It’s my honor to witness your journey and help where I can. 


I've dedicated my life and career to learning as much as possible about human cognition, development and emotional wellness. 


Every client that has walked through my door has been perfectly unique, and every person has hope.


If you are reading this, you may be considering giving counseling or coaching a try. You’re probably overwhelmed with therapists to choose from. And you may feel a little unsure about this whole therapy thing, anyway. That’s ok.


I’m happy to discuss your situation over the phone and answer any questions you might have. Your call is completely confidential and you will have the freedom to decide the best choices for YOU. Please call me at (615) 853-9040. I look forward to getting to know you.

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