Services and Fees


How much does a counseling session cost?

Sessions are typically $125 for an hour session. First sessions usually last longer (up to an hour and a half), but I do not charge for the extra time during an intake.


Do you offer a sliding scale (lower prices)?


I do offer a sliding scale for those in need. I am able to offer a sliding scale fee for a limited number of clients who provide documented need. Please call to find out more. Spots are limited. Some proof of income may be required in order to make sure that the sliding scale does not exclude anyone who may be waiting for a spot. If you are unsure about qualifying, please ask!   


How do you determine your fees?

I'm glad you asked! My goal is to keep my fees as low as possible. Fees go to cover so much more than your hour session. Fees help cover the cost of business insurance, office rent, this website, marketing, dedicated continuing education, telecommunications, and other basic necessities. 

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, I am able to accept both in-person and telehealth clients with qualifying Aetna insurance plans.


I am also able to accept telehealth/online clients with qualifying Cigna insurance.


Before you see a therapist under your insurance coverage, please take a minute to understand everything you can about using insurance to pay for therapy. I have created a handy bit of information here: 

What if you do not accept my insurance plan?


If I am not covered under your insurance provider, I am happy to offer you a written receipt for treatment that includes all necessary diagnosis and service codes so that you may request out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance provider.  Most clients have good results in getting services partially or fully reimbursed, but I encourage everyone to speak with their insurance provider first.

Do You Offer Online Counseling or Coaching?

Yes! Online therapy and coaching are the future! You can avoid traffic, or see a counselor who is licensed in your state from whatever Tennessee town you call home! I do offer supportive services online and by phone. Sometimes, shorter mini-sessions offer an affordable and effective option between sessions.


If you are interested in online counseling, please call for a complimentary consultation. It is important that those who have more pressing issues benefit from in-person counseling whenever possible. I evaluate every person who calls to be sure we are a good therapeutic fit and that I can best serve the needs of each person before proceeding. 

In order to do online sessions, you must have a private, quiet place where you can speak freely, along with a very reliable Internet or phone connection. Please understand that technology may not always be private. If you choose to use insurance, know that not all insurance plans will cover online counseling, so it is very important to call your provider before your session to inquire about coverage. 


You mentioned coaching. What is coaching like?

If you are in a safe place in your life, but want to have a more fulfilling, enriching life, online/telephone, or even in-person coaching may be a good solution. Coaching offers more flexible plans and more future-oriented goal setting. Coaching is not covered by insurance, because it does not require a mental health diagnosis. Many people enjoy the freedom from a diagnosis-focused approach and find that coaching helps them put newly learned life skills into practice, so they can see their progress faster!

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