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I'm Kathryn Taylor Millán, MA, LPC/MHSP. Thank you for visiting! 


Strength Counseling was founded on the idea that every human has inner strength and capability, even if we sometimes struggle to find that strength. It's in there. 

Professional athletes like Michael Phelps and Serena Williams don't just go out to the pool or court alone. They have a coach to support them. The coach doesn't compete in the sport or win gold medals for the athlete. Instead, she acts as an outside observer who assists with an experienced, knowledgeable skill set. The coach is there to perfect form, to instruct, and to partner with the athlete as part of a team.


Counselors are a lot like sports coaches. But instead of athletics, counselors simply focus on emotions, relationships, and life goals. They find the inner strengths of their clients and help develop those strengths.

In everyday life, we can all use an outside voice of reason and comfort. It helps to have someone who has extensively studied psychology, human relationships, business skills, and human development. It helps even more to have someone who actually has experience in these areas. 

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