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Hello and Welcome! You may have seen these specialty areas on the homepage, but here you can learn more about each service offering. This list covers just a few of the most popular topics I'm happy to help with:

  • Overcoming unhealthy relationships

  • Phobias and fears

  • Learning to love yourself

  • Building better connections with others

  • Fertility issues, including the IVF and IUI journey

  • Healing from childhood and adolescent traumas in adulthood

  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting

  • Becoming a better (happier!) parent or step-parent

  • Growing the goals and dreams you always wanted (because, hey, life is short!)​

  • Healing after narcissistic abuse or parental abuse

Strength Counseling was founded on the idea that every human has inner strength and capability. Even if we sometimes struggle to find that strength, it's in there. My job is to help you harness your inner strength and gain peace and mastery over your life, and I take that job very seriously.

Specialty Treatment Areas

The Strength Counseling Approach

I named my business “Strength Counseling” because it is my goal to focus on client strengths, despite any obstacles or “stuck places” people may have had in the past. My approach is to first find out what's working, and then we can work together to build upon that.

While we do focus on strengths, I won’t “candy-coat” what I see— a solid counseling partnership is based on mutual trust and honesty. I’m going to give all I can to give honest, real feedback as we partner toward your healing.

I want you to feel empowered in every step of your counseling process. We will work together to form a plan of action that is based around your goals and dreams. My job is not to force an agenda on anyone, but rather, to share information, discuss and uncover who you want to be, and help you find healing from things that held you back in the past. Good therapy isn’t something that happens TO you, it is something that happens BECAUSE of you.


So… how does the idea of partnership tie in with clinical mental health counseling? It starts on day one. If you don't feel heard or empowered in the counseling process, it's going to make healing a lot more difficult. During the first counseling session, I ask a lot of questions. And I take time to listen. First sessions are often a little bit longer (at no extra cost, of course!) because it takes a moment to uncover history, goals, hopes, and fears. 


There's a term in psychology, coined by humanist psychologist Carl Rogers, known as "unconditional positive regard." That means that, as your therapist or coach, I am able to see the best in you, without judgment, and then help you see the best in yourself. I get to have the outside perspective that may allow you to get a new view on life, and find the strength you need to get where you want to go.  


Some people want to use insurance to cover the costs of mental health counseling. Insurance can be a huge asset in some ways, but insurance companies do want to see an official diagnosis. But diagnoses do not define us-- humans are so much more than a diagnosis. If a diagnosis is part of what you need, then we will partner to find one that feels right to you, too. You will always know what I'm thinking, because you should always know all you can about your own journey-- and you should have input into your own treatment every step of the way.


Much of therapy is about healing and learning. It’s about getting to know yourself better, and learning more about how your brain works in certain situations. The better you can work with yourself, the further you can go in life! 


That being said, therapy only works if you do your part. My goal is to support my clients toward success, but ultimately, the credit goes to each person who is on her healing journey. A famous saying goes, “It works if you work it, and you are worth it!” It may sound cliché, but it is true. 

My Approach

What to Expect

Phone Counseling

The process is simple! Just message me through my private online form, and I will email you back shortly to set up a time for us to talk. I offer a free fifteen to twenty minute call so you can ask any questions you would like, and we can work together to see if I’m the best fit for what you need. 

Online Counseling

If you decide to schedule an appointment, I will send you an invite to use a private, HIPPA-compliant online video platform. This is as simple as downloading an app on your phone or signing into a website on your laptop. I will also send you some intake paperwork that you can fill out using your laptop. If you would like to use insurance and I am in your network, you can send me a photo of your insurance card through my HIPPA-compliant platform. I will call your insurance provider to be sure that your visits are covered under your plan. From there, you simply complete the welcome paperwork before our first session and then you are ready to begin!


First sessions sometimes last a little longer than my usual sessions, but I do not charge extra for that. The first session is the session where we will really get to know each other, and I will ask you lots of questions about your life, your challenges, and your goals. By the end of that session, we should have a blueprint of how you want to heal, what goals you want to achieve, and how we can partner toward your best life. 


After each session, I often give my clients “homework.” This is just an activity or a goal that you and I will have developed during the session. Then, if you would like to, we schedule your next session. Some clients prefer video sessions, while others prefer phone sessions. It’s up to you!


Your work with me should always leave you feeling empowered. I want you to have say-so in your wellness and your process during every step of the process. My goal is for each of my clients to eventually feel good enough to fly free out in the world, living their best lives. 

What to Expect

About Me

My career path began many years ago in public relations and marketing, but it was always clear to me that I wanted to help people. (Isn’t it funny how we go down paths that aren’t the best fit when we are young?) I was not far into my career when I realized I just wasn’t going to feel work satisfaction until I pursued this whole counseling thing…

After completing my master's degree, I began working with survivors of domestic violence and other crimes. I specialized in crisis work with women and children, and did that work for years. I also spent time working with individuals in addiction recovery, specializing in "dual diagnosis," which means both addiction plus some type of mental health concern, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. I managed a team of continuing care coordinators for a major rehab company. I became trained as an addiction recovery coach. 

As I deepened my work with women and children, I gained specialized knowledge in trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy and the parent-child bond with a specialty in healing women and helping mothers and children heal from abuse. I worked with children and adolescents for many years, and that is where I became fascinated with helping heal various attachment issues that happen in childhood. That work was invaluable, because today, I work with adults and I can see the effects of childhood trauma, and I can see places where even us grown-ups can heal.

For many years, I have led classes in parent/child relationships, public speaking (especially for those who are afraid to speak publicly), and domestic violence awareness. I co-wrote a book to help children understand addiction. I help men and women understand and overcome abuse. In private practice, I specialize in working with women's issues. All along this path, I have often taken on work as a freelance writer and editor, a job I also enjoy, so I find time to do it when I can-- but I only write about psychology and mental health, because it helps keep me informed, so it is a hobby that serves a few purposes at once!

In 2020, I became a board-certified life coach, and began offering coaching services to adults world-wide, including ex-pats outside of the U.S., those who travel for work, traveling musicians and artists, and those who just want to focus on motivation and moving forward with life goals.

But, you probably want to know who I am, really, outside of work--- because let's face it, it can feel weird to just tell your life story to a stranger! 


I'm a friend, activist, mom, and stepmom. I believe in worker's rights and social justice. I care a lot about the environment.


I've had a few life experiences. I grew up with non-religious parents in a deeply religious small town. When I was young, I overcame a medical condition that almost killed me. I married on the young side, divorced, and then years later, finally got it right and have a lovely, enduring relationship (because I learned a few things along the way). I also lived the infertility journey, so I have a heart to help people with that. I was a caregiver for my mom before she passed on. I put myself through school. I learned financial wellness on my own, and it took me a minute. I'm an Enneagram 6 (The Loyalist), which may be why I kept my last car for 18 years. I have a cat that follows me around the house, demanding treats. I'm kind of goofy. I've created a family I love. I'm grateful.


I'm an Xennial, and I'm fascinated by the way we define generations and what it all means to be born in a particular era. I live in a house with with Gen Z, Gen X, and was raised by Boomers. I believe in science, but I have been called an intuit and am known to meditate by reading the Tarot, which I've done for 25 years (am I aging myself here?!) I believe in therapy and I believe all therapists should also have a therapist. I find the humor in life, I like loud rock music, I often attempt to read several books at once, I stay fit with dance, and I make highly experimental gluten-free cakes so I can badly decorate them.

About Me
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